About This Project

OpenCRAVAT is a python package that performs genomic variant interpretation including variant impact, annotation, and scoring. There is a web-based version of OpenCRAVAT ( but it can also be installed locally and is easy to integrate into bioinformatics pipelines. OpenCRAVAT has a modular architecture with a wide variety of analysis modules that can be selected and installed/run based on the needs of a given study. The modules are made available via the CRAVAT Store and are developed both by the CRAVAT team and the broader variant analysis community. OpenCRAVAT is a product of the Karchin Lab at Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with In Silico Solutions with funding provided by the National Cancer Institute’s ITCR program. Rick Kim, Oak Bioinformatics’ CEO, was a lead architect of OpenCRAVAT at In Silico Solutions, LLC.

GUI, Pipeline, Visualization, Web Server